Testing Mind, Body, and Bike

It’s been so long since we have last written a post. So much so we almost decided not to bother anymore. Many things have happened since January which we want to share, details all in good time, here’s a quick rundown: Read More

The Merits of Being a Commitment-Phobe

Up to this point commitment phobes have gotten a bad rap. But! I’m here to challenge that. Although, for the sake of clarity I should state that the commitment I’m referring to is to do with everything but relationships.

At this point in my life I’ve tried my hand at a few different things, I gave triathlon a go, even did the Alpe d’Huez one, which involves going up a big ol’ lump of land, although my wetsuit was last seen hanging in the window of my local RSPCA charity shop. I dabbled in running and completed the London marathon in a fairly unrespectable time of 6hours something (in my defence I was ill and actually told not to run by the doctor, the risk was passing out, and with all the St Johns Ambulances I figured there was nowhere better to do it). Endurance cycling has featured heavily with me rolling over the finish line of TCR#3 in 18 days having had a similar amount of time before the start to prepare, last minute entry. I own climbing gear although it hasn’t been on for about a year. And the latest one was cycle touring, with everything going and us preparing for a minimum of two years of travel. Read More

TCRNo5 has landed

The hype train is powering full steam ahead as the details of the fifth edition of the Transcontinental Race became public. In true, Transcontinental, style it’s a cross between the stunning beauty of Europe and gruelling climbs. Maybe more intriguing, is that this edition is also the first non-coastal finish. There have been changes to finisher classifications and even considerations on media teams, clearly demonstrating the growth of this event. So where are we going this year… Read More

Travel Light, Go Further

Firstly, our apologies we’ve been away for a while. We’ve been suffering the post travel blues. After leaving expecting to be on the road for months and years, coming back much sooner is a chuck-norris-roundhouse-kick in the gut that leaves you with many questions. But, we can now say what happened, happened, and there’s no point dwelling. It wasn’t a failure, merely a learning experience and it was still an adventure. We know what to do differently next time, and it’s better to have tried and failed then never to have tried at all. The answer to all the questions is to travel lighter and go further. You know what this means….. NEW BIKES :). Read More

Here’s what we think to your well laid plan!

We’ve had a bit of a game-changer moment, flipped the plan on it’s head, given Ellie’s mum a shock, and made our adventure a bit more…. adventurey. Those with access to our tracker page may of noticed that we’ve been a tad inactive for some days. It all started in Nuremberg sat in a hotel planning our way forward, with focus being on getting to the roof of the world (aka Pamir Highway) Read More

Cycling in Germany – A tale of rivers

The world is BIG! I mean really big. I know this sounds obvious but I’ve never really been able to comprehend that. When you can get to the other side of it in a day, the world misleadingly appears a lot smaller. However covering that distance on a touring bicycle, 50-70km a day, while everyone goes on about there business around you, there’s a lot of time to think about it. Read More

What We’ve Learnt So Far



France is roadie heaven; beautifully smooth tarmac, quiet roads with courteous drivers (excluding the visiting Brits, cheers guys!). We thoroughly enjoyed our time in France, following initially the coast then venturing inland and across to Belgium. The main lessons we learnt in France was that decent maps are a must and stopping before you get tired and hungry is best. Read More