Ellie & Phil

Hello you awesome, amazing, spectacular reader. We hope you’re enjoying our tales of adventure.

There’s something special about travelling by bike, knowing your legs are powering you over the horizon and into adventures unknown.

This is us, two ordinary folk who enjoy a challenge. We’re Ellie and Phil, we love nothing more than to get out and ride our bikes, and now we want to share that passion and our journey with you.

Through this site we’ll keep you updated with our adventures, injuries, bike maintenance, and generally anything that happens while we’re on two wheels. We’ll share all our highs and lows, providing a transparent insight into our world of bicycle obsession.

As kids everyone loved going for a bike ride, and it was innocent, there was a purity in it that gets lost with adult concerns. Back then it didn’t matter what bike you had, if you had carbon sole shoes or a scruffy pair of trainers, whether you were fast or slow, the feeling of freedom was all that mattered. You see the world at a slower pace and feel connected to the environment around you, it was adventure, and if you’re fortunate it’s possible to rekindle that feeling in adulthood.

That’s what drew us to it all, riding our bikes for no other reason than we enjoy riding our bikes. Phil started out on Mountain Bikes, well BMX if you go back far enough, while Ellie is an accomplished roadie who has completed Transcontinental Race #2 and a Tour of Asia.

We just love riding bikes whether it’s cycle touring, endurance road cycling, mountain bikes, or even a pootle to town on a commuter bike.


“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride” – Eddy Merckx

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