Belgium and Netherlands – We Miss You Hills

Cycle touring Belgium and Netherlands

The past few weeks have been spent cycling around two countries. Experiencing some of the greatest cycling networks known to man. We’ve had: warmshowers, heat, islands, hostels, and of course friendly people along the way. Alas, we are now at the end of the “honeymoon” period. It’s time to buckle up and live frugally if we want to make it to New Zealand. Read More

Transcontinental Race No. 4

The beginning of the fourth Transcontinental Race was a perfect demonstration of the growth in endurance cycling. It was a strange feeling being there as a spectator to see off the brave participants who would be cycling 250-350km a day for up to two weeks. Completely unsupported, once they complete their lap of the Muur they’re on their own as they descend into darkness. With nothing but the road and four checkpoints ahead. Read More

Cycle Touring France – Our First Steps

Wow! and I don’t use that term lightly. These first two weeks have been scary, painful, hot, and infuriating but it’s been absolutely fantastic. What we’ve done so far any UK resident could do quite easily – without going into politics. I’ve been astounded by how much of an adventure it has already been. Read More

Our Big Fat Travelly Wedding

The last week has been a tornado of emotions, not only are we edging closer to the departure date but we also cemented our partnership in the most permanent fashion…. Marriage!
We had the venue, spent countless hours doing arts and crafts, picked the professionals we needed to make it happen, chose a menu, and everything else that we hadn’t thought of initially. Read More

Cycle Touring Checklist the Final Edition

Checklist Image

Less than three weeks to go! We finally feel like our cycle touring checklist is nearing completion. Since first putting it together there has been a lot added, taken away, and even laughed at. It’s impossible to comprehend every eventuality that may occur over a multi-year bike trip, how do you begin to plan for a journey through over 30 countries, each country with a different landscape, cultural requirements, and weather conditions. Read More

Exploring Scotland

I don’t know how much more I have in me, legs screaming every time I look up, if only I had one more gear. That prior evening our host had informed us that today would involve one of the highest mountain passes in Scotland, yay!. Bealach na Bà is a historic pass through the mountains of the Applecross peninsula, Wester Ross, with gradients that approach 20% it is a notorious section of the North Coast 500. I can’t stop now, if I do I’ll never get going again, I let out a stream of expletives and press on. Read More

Vaccinations for Island2Island

Ouch! With our departure time coming ever closer we have finally gone for vaccinations. Normally when you get a travel vaccine the nurse will ask what country/countries you intend to visit and then find the appropriate travel advice for that area. This becomes a bit trickier for them when you are travelling through a large chunk of the world, slowly, with no real timescale or definitive list of destinations. Our nurse had the perfect plan “I’ll grab the sheet with everything you could get. We’ll go through it and I’ll explain how and where you get it, and then you can tell me if you need it”…. Read More