Expectations of the uninitiated nomads

Island to Island will be our ultimate adventure to date. We have both experienced cycling, camping, and generally roughing it, but cycle touring for years on end is stepping into the unknown. One thought that often grabs me is whether or not our expectations will match the real thing? this is often built on by questions asked by friends and family. We haven’t left yet but it is important to ask “What do we think the road ahead will hold for us?” Read More

Island 2 Island: Reborn

The origins of this idea was dreamt up by Ellie, at its core was a simple direction of travel. Start off by doing The Transcontinental race and when that’s done just keep on pedalling all the way to New Zealand. Then she met me and between us we have come up with something which should be more of a lifestyle than a journey. Read More

Films to get you craving an Adventure

Unfortunately, for most of us, when winter comes it puts a hold on a lot of activities. The other day I was sat in a doctors waiting room when the television slideshow rotated to the subject of being a couch potato. I will hold my hands up and say that when winter comes I’m terrible for not getting enough exercise. I do get itchy feet though, and spend a lot of time planning our next journey, usually with one of the following on in the background: Read More

Bicycle explorers 2016

Christmas Eve and we get the email from Transcontinental, we were in, this is what we wanted but for some reason we didn’t feel excited about it. While waiting to hear about our place we had been focused on getting our touring bikes ready, researching into what is required to spend a week or two on the road exploring some wilderness wherever that may be. This had filled us with great excitement as we absorbed information from all over the internet, we began to fantasize about meeting new people and camping under the stars. After Christmas we sat down for a discussion, and it was then we realised what we truly wanted. To be bicycle explorers. Read More

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I take a long time to make a decision. With my touring bike I bounced back and forth between ideas. Here is a run through of some of those decisions, how our touring bikes came to be what they are, and how I chose my custom touring bike Read More

Winter’s the time to rest… right?

As I stumbled out of my front door, almost two hours before my alarm would normally go off, the silence around me seemed eerie. I flicked the bike lights on and clipped in, feeling excited about the journey ahead, after a short recovery break from cycling this would mark the official start of winter riding and a revival of a dormant passion. I set off down the road feeling strong, a smile began to creep onto my face as I was enveloped by the dark and solitary country roads. It was at this point I remembered my Garmin has no back-light. Read More

Rolling through Winter

The nights are drawing in, the temperature is dropping, summer cycling seems a lifetime away, and the pull of staying in to read a book with a cup of tea is too strong to resist. Sound familiar? Every winter cycling eases off, quite rightly so in some cases, and when spring comes around it feels as though you have to start building all over again. We’ve decided to try and tackle that problem, and hopefully start next season on the front foot.

Read More